Salon Manager

Cristina has been with Bell Amore since its creation. She is one of the original members of the Bridal Team. She brings order and structure to the team. We all rely on her to keep things in line!

 salon Assistants

Sam is a salon assistant for the team. She brings a fun energy to us and we are so excited for her to join our bridal team! She completed beauty school and then found her way to us and we are ever so thankful for her.


Kristin is one of the original members of the bridal team and has worked side by side with the owners for years. As a stylist her creativity has inspired her to become quite the colorist, taking color to a whole different level. She has been in the industry since 2006, and loves to put a twist on conventional approaches to cutting and color. Kristin is constantly taking more make up classes to continue her education in all aspects of the industry and is always testing out new products to recommend to her clients.

*Bridal Team Staff, Specializing in Makeup
*Certified Brazilian Blowout Specialist

Cristina is the General Manager of the salon, on top of being in charge of all of our social media, finds her inspiration for creating the latest trends in hair and fashion design. Graduating from Paul Mitchell Academy in 2009, Cristina is loving all aspects of the fashion world. She prides herself in amazing airbrush make up techniques. Continuing education is what Cristina considers a win-win situation for both her as well as her clientele. Bringing what she learned back to the salon and applying it from behind the chair, guarantee's the client a new and current look every time.

*Bridal Team Staff, Specializing in Makeup
*Certified Lox Extension Specialist
*Eufora Eson/Elite Member

Jessica is one of the bridal coordinators,  as well as a full time stylist. Completing beauty school with high school in 2014, she is passionate about people! She has completed the Bell Amore assisting program and continues to learn about color every day! She has been an amazing team member since the beginning and we are all very excited to assist her in beginning her journey in our industry. 

*Bridal Team Member
*Bridal Coordinator
*Full Time Stylist

*Certified  Brazilian Blowout Specialist
*Eufora Elite Member

Melanie is a part time stylist to the salon as well as a part time front desk coordinator. She served as a salon assistant for about a year and we couldn't have gotten through that time without her! She is a member of the bridal team as a make up artist and has been an incredible asset to the team!

* Full Time Stylist
​* Bridal Team Member


At Bell Amore Salon, our mission is to use our passion for people and our industry to change our world. To have a safe haven for all who come through our doors and to stay current with day to day trends. Our vision is to be relevant in our community. A place where stylists can call home, to become a family that depends on one another for support and motivation. We believe in a mutual respect for one another, clients and stylists alike. To ensure everyone understands their personal value, we believe communication is paramount. And higher education leads to higher standards.


We are always looking to expand our team. If you are interested in being an assistant or a stylist at our salon, please contact us at 586-799-4093, or drop off your resume in person. Our interview process begins with our management team.


Our Team!


 Naomi Trotto & Ashley Sonnenfeld met in beauty school back in 2005. They have been working side by side since 2010, and are excited about their journey at Bell Amore! They believe strongly in education, and require all staff to continue education on a regular basis. Eufora is at the foundation of the education programs that are offered to the staff at Bell Amore salon and the staff is constantly traveling the country to learn the best techniques to deliver the highest level of service.

Naomi has always had a passion for hair, but specifically in formal and fantasy hair. Having competed in several competitions, she is constantly challenging herself and taking her creativity to new levels. Staying current with the industries ever changing trends, Naomi is constantly taking training and educational classes keeping her on the forefront of cutting and color techniques. Naomi's lifestyle evolves around the who, what, and where of hair.

*Bridal Coordinator

*Bridal Team Staff, Specializing in Formal Hair and Up Styles

*Eufora ESON Member

Ashley has a love for color, and with her creative approach to cutting, takes a current style to the next level. Ashley continues to grow as a stylist by attending any and all classes relative to the industry. Her ever growing clientele benefits directly by showcasing the latest trends in her hair style and dimensional color. Formal hair and up do's have always been a passion, as she personalizes each style with her creative touch, resulting in a one of kind finish that will stand out in a crowd.

*Bridal Team Staff, Specializing in Formal Hair and Up Styles

*Eufora ESON Member

Our Charities:

March for Babies Team Supreemies


Leslie is a very organized smart person that brings so much to the table. We are blessed to have her as part of our front desk team.

Madison is a wonderful addition to our team, her charisma is a breath of fresh air. She is also passionate with makeup and a licensed Esthetician who plans to join our bridal team.

Bridal Coordinators

Naomi, Jessica and Leslie ​are the bridal coordinators at the salon and can be reached at 586-676-6708